Promising Innovations Medal

Jordan T. Manos

Improved the system used to assess flood damage from hurricanes and other major storms, helping residents receive aid more quickly and saving the government millions of dollars in appraisal costs

Promising Innovations Medal

Flora M. Jordan

Designed new, lighter body armor that is just as protective as existing equipment and can be adjusted for smaller physiques, giving warfighters greater mobility and reducing long-term health effects

Promising Innovations Medal

Paul R. Ohodnicki, Jr.

Created advanced sensor technology to monitor the nation’s energy generation, transmission and distribution systems, improving their reliability, efficiency and safety

Sarah Jovan and Geoffrey H. Donovan

Led the first-ever study using tree moss to detect air pollution in a major city, including cancer-causing heavy metals, prompting enforcement actions and offering a new, cost-effective way to identify threats to public health

Promising Innovations Medal

Pamela L. Sheehan

Discovered a safe, environmentally friendly way to recycle aging, demilitarized munitions by converting a nitrogen-rich propellant into biofuel, which will reduce air pollution and save millions of dollars in disposal costs

Promising Innovations Medal

Lisa Mazzuca

Developed a new generation of aircraft distress beacons that are more likely to survive a plane crash and aid rescuers in finding victims faster