Safety, Security and International Affairs

Kirk E. Meyer and Frank P. Calestino

Leading a unique, interagency effort to identify and disrupt the flow of funding from the Afghan opium trade and other illicit sources to the Taliban, al-Qaeda and other terrorist and insurgent groups in Afghanistan.

Science, Technology and Environment

Carl Burleson

Leading government and industry to deliver a quieter, cleaner and more energy-efficient aviation system.

Safety, Security and International Affairs

Karthik Ramanathan

Orchestrated the sale of Treasury bills that raised $1.7 trillion in the midst of a severe global economic crisis, helping stabilize the U.S. financial system and fund the country’s massive budget deficit and national debt.

Safety, Security and International Affairs

Robert K. Harris

Has led negotiations for dozens of international agreements on critical issues, including extradition, counterterrorism and the environment, and is influencing human rights policies worldwide.

Safety, Security and International Affairs

Greg Kutz

Led a wide ranging investigation that prompted congressional and federal action to protect vulnerable children in residential programs and schools from neglect and physical abuse by their teachers and caregivers.

Safety, Security and International Affairs

Jamie L. Konstas

Providing vital resources in the fight against commercial sexual exploitation of children, which has resulted in the conviction of more than 500 pimps and predators, and the rescue of more than 1,000 child victims.

Safety, Security and International Affairs

Joseph P. Casey and Paul D. Coburn

Created a method to detect whether communications systems are still operable immediately following a disaster, enabling emergency responders to rapidly deploy back-up communications.

Robert Benzon

Served as Investigator in Charge of the “Miracle on the Hudson” and other high-profile airplane crash investigations, advancing aviation safety for millions of travelers worldwide.

Mark Simakovsky

Instrumental in shaping the Defense Department’s response to the Russia-Georgia War in 2008, while facilitating efforts to prevent further instability and promote U.S. interests in the region.

Safety, Security and International Affairs

Carl W. Pike and the Project Coronado Team

Led the largest strike against the La Familia Mexican drug cartel, resulting in more than 1,000 arrests, plus the seizure of one and a half tons of methamphetamine and $32 million in cash.

Safety, Security and International Affairs

Kimberly D. Munley and Mark A. Todd, Sr.

Confronting an armed gunman and mass chaos, the two civilian Defense Department police officers brought an end to the tragic rampage at Fort Hood that killed 13 people and wounded 43 others.

Science, Technology and Environment

Rafat R. Ansari

Led breakthroughs that could revolutionize the care and prevention of cataracts, the leading cause of vision loss worldwide.

Safety, Security and International Affairs

Sara M. Bloom and the Pfizer Case Team

Led the investigation against Pfizer for illegally marketing prescription drugs and paying kickbacks to doctors, resulting in $2.3 billion in fines and penalties, the largest health care fraud settlement in history.

Science, Technology and Environment

Joshua Bienfang

Used quantum physics and telecommunications technologies to develop a new way to send and receive 100 percent secure encrypted messages at record speeds.

Deborah Autor

Through aggressive enforcement actions, incentives and multi-faceted education campaigns, is stopping the distribution of hundreds of unapproved prescription drugs.

Safety, Security and International Affairs

Robert James Simonds

Devoted his 20-year career to fighting the global HIV/AIDS epidemic, advising policymakers on the creation of lifesaving programs and working in developing nations to ensure those services reach millions.

Safety, Security and International Affairs

Sandra K. Brooks

Enabled military, law enforcement agencies and partner nations to collect and share vital threat information to more quickly locate, target and interdict adversaries at sea, on land and in the air.

Science, Technology and Environment

Jeffrey M. Baker

Led the design and construction of the world’s largest net-zero energy office building, demonstrating that buildings can be created to decrease energy consumption at no additional cost.

Shane Kelley and Eva Ristow

Improved the delivery of Social Security benefits to citizens living in impoverished and remote locations through an innovative two-way video service.

Till Rosenband

Invented the world’s most precise timekeeping device, an entirely new type of atomic clock based on quantum computing research.

Saskia van Gendt

Fostering a new breed of environmentally-friendly construction and packaging materials that promote reuse, cut down on waste and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Federal Employee of the Year

Pius Bannis

Expedited the immigration process to quickly unite more than 1,100 Haitian orphans with their adoptive families in the United States following the devastating earthquake in January 2010.

Paul A. Volcker Career Achievement

Peter Wilhelm

Developed and deployed 95 satellites, pioneering significant advances from lunar exploration to GPS to global weather forecasting.

Paul A. Volcker Career Achievement

Sue Ellen Walbridge

Helping improve America’s global competitiveness by encouraging more than 300,000 students to consider careers in math and science.

Paul A. Volcker Career Achievement

Ronald Sanders

Led major organizational and personnel reforms in critical areas of the federal government that contributed to greater interagency cooperation, and better service and accountability to the American people.

Paul A. Volcker Career Achievement

Joseph T. Schaefer

Responsible for creating state-of-the-art systems to better predict and provide earlier forecasts and warnings of tornadoes, saving thousands of American lives every year.

P. Ryan Jackson

Ensured that a planned massive fish kill, intended to stop the invasive Asian carp from migrating into and damaging the Great Lakes’ ecosystem, would not have harmful effects on the environment.

Paul A. Volcker Career Achievement

Susan Solomon

Led internationally acclaimed atmospheric research that set us on a path to restoring the ozone layer and demonstrated the long-term harm to the environment caused by global warming.