Federal Employee of the Year

Gregory Robinson

Oversaw the successful launch of NASA’s revolutionary James Webb Space Telescope after years of delays and billions of dollars in cost overruns, setting the stage for spectacular discoveries about the origins of the universe.

Krista Kinnard

Ignited a technology transformation at the Department of Labor by automating repetitive administrative processes, saving time and money, and creating greater efficiencies.

Paul A. Volcker Career Achievement

Dr. H. Clifford Lane, M.D.

Conducted pioneering work to combat HIV/AIDS that has saved countless lives, organized breakthrough clinical trials for Ebola in Africa and helped establish medical guidelines to treat COVID-19 during the pandemic.

Science, Technology and Environment

Cynthia A. Newberg

Played an instrumental role internationally and in the U.S. to curb the use of hydrofluorocarbons, incredibly potent greenhouse gases that are major contributors to climate change.

Barbara C. Morton

Built trust and a customer-oriented culture among veterans and their families seeking services and benefits from the Department of Veterans Affairs by listening and responding to their needs.

People's Choice Award

Josh Josa

Leveraged U.S. resources and influence to promote educational opportunities in developing nations for children and youth with disabilities.

Spirit of Service Award

Darren Walker

A philanthropic leader and innovator working to build a more equitable and just world.

Suma Nair, Ph.D., M.S.

Coordinated the federal initiative to supply community health centers nationwide that assist underserved populations with life-saving COVID-19 vaccines, antiviral medications, testing kits and protective face masks.

Paul A. Volcker Career Achievement

Rupa Bhattacharyya

Managed three separate victim’s compensation funds during a lengthy federal career, most recently revitalizing the fund that provides payments to those harmed by the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks.

Science, Technology and Environment

Steven Musser, Ph.D.

Championed the use of whole genome sequencing and a public database to identify foodborne diseases that sicken millions of people every year, enabling authorities to remove dangerous products more quickly from the marketplace and protect public health.

Paul A. Volcker Career Achievement

Scott Busby

Designed and oversaw landmark efforts to advance human rights overseas and hold violators accountable.

Safety, Security and International Affairs

Jonathan Dworken

Coordinated the delivery of critical U.S. assistance to the people of Ethiopia amid a violent conflict.

Safety, Security and International Affairs

Roy Dotson and the CARES Act Team

Conducted a nationwide criminal investigation that recovered $1.2 billion in stolen federal pandemic relief payments meant for small businesses and the unemployed, and halted the dispersal of $2.2 billion more in fraudulently requested funds.

Management Excellence

Antonio Rios

Instituted an innovative system that has reduced opioid addiction among federal employees receiving workers’ compensation benefits, while also streamlining and speeding up the process for filing claims.

Paul A. Volcker Career Achievement

Mitchell Zeller, J.D.

Directed federal efforts to regulate the marketing and accessibility of tobacco products that can cause death and disease, instituting policies that cut back on cigarette usage and saved lives.

David Rader

Led a critical initiative to monitor and prevent foreign investments in American technology companies that can be used by adversaries to gain an economic and military advantage over the United States.

Diana Bianchi, M.D.

Initiated critical clinical research to understand the medical implications of COVID-19 on underserved populations, including pregnant women, children and people with disabilities.

Management Excellence

Yolanda López

Guided Voice of America through a tumultuous period of political upheaval, restoring the integrity and independence of its news operations while providing strong support for the workforce.

Mark Williams, Ph.D.

Documented how agricultural runoff containing nitrogen and phosphorous used in fertilizers migrate into and pollute waterways, prompting new farming conservation practices to protect the environment.

Robert Fenton

Orchestrated the creation of 39 mass vaccination centers in early 2021 that in a short time administered lifesaving COVID-19 vaccines to 5.6 million people while also providing federal support to 1,600 smaller vaccination sites throughout the country.

Samantha Sutton

Played an important behind-the-scenes role across three presidential administrations as an adviser on U.S. policy toward Israel and the Palestinians.

Paul A. Volcker Career Achievement

Craig McLean

Played a critical role for decades in the exploration and mapping of the oceans which has provided insights into climate change, helped improve weather forecasting and led to a better understanding of marine life.

Mark Reed, Valerie Hasberry, James Kaufmann

Led the cleanup, restoration and enhanced security of the U.S. Capitol Building and grounds following the violent attack on Jan. 6, 2021, ensuring that the work of Congress could continue and the presidential inauguration could take place two weeks later.

Science, Technology and Environment

Brandon Wales

Protected government and commercial computer networks from highly sophisticated and damaging cyberattacks, safeguarding the COVID-19 vaccine supply chain and reducing the risks of devastating ransomware attacks.

Science, Technology and Environment

Joseph Poux Jr.

Organized a series of global environmental law enforcement operations targeting marine pollution and hazardous waste dumping that uncovered thousands of violations and led to the prosecution of countless individuals, companies and criminal networks.