Paul A. Volcker Career Achievement

Melissa Emrey-Arras

Led investigations and proposed recommendations that have helped millions access federal student aid and have their student loans forgiven, while rooting out fraudulent student loan schemes.

Fletcher Schoen and Jennifer Harkins

Played integral roles in the release of 11 American prisoners wrongfully detained in Russia and Venezuela, contributing to creative diplomatic strategies and delicate negotiations while showing compassion to the families and keeping them informed.

Anne Lord Bailey, Caitlin Rawlins and the VA Immersive Team

Built a cutting-edge nationwide immersive technology network to empower front-line staff and enable the treatment of veterans for a wide range of medical issues such as anxiety, depression, pain management, spinal cord injuries and more.

Paul A. Volcker Career Achievement

Carolyn Hightower

Empowered victims of crime, mass violence and terrorism by developing, implementing and overseeing landmark victim support programs and professionalizing the field of victim assistance.

Michael E. Camal 

Leads and has expanded a government campaign to help aviation personnel identify potential victims of human trafficking and report their suspicions to law enforcement.

Adam M. Phillippy, Sergey Koren, Arang Rhie and The Telomere-to-Telomere Team

Conducted the first complete assembly of the human genome, sequencing the most difficult, final part of our genetic makeup, advancing our understanding of our biological blueprint and opening up scientific frontiers that could revolutionize the treatment of a multitude of diseases.

Safety, Security and International Affairs

Lisa Hsiao

Secured huge penalties against major corporations engaged in detrimental, unfair and deceptive trade practices.

Shadrach Ludeman, Terah Yaroch, Brooke Harding and the Office of Transition Initiatives Ukraine Team

Provided ​critical ​assistance to the Ukrainian people following ​the​ 2022​ Russian invasion​, partnering with local organizations to help Ukrainians evacuate to safety and deliver food, clothing, ​power ​generators and other supplies to those in need.

Rebecca Schmidt-Jeffris

Engaged in pioneering work that deploys insects as natural predators against other bugs that damage crops such as apples and pears, limiting the use of harmful pesticides, saving farmers money and protecting the environment.

Sarah L. Nelson, Samantha L. Calkins and the National Ignition Team

Managed a complex scientific enterprise that for the first time produced a fusion reaction that created a net energy gain, a breakthrough in the decades-long, multibillion-dollar quest that could lead to advancements in national defense and clean energy.

Paul A. Volcker Career Achievement

Michael Reardon

Successfully promoted a wide range of policies and practices to the states and businesses that have provided greater access to employment, transportation and technology for millions of people with disabilities.

Safety, Security and International Affairs

Zachary Johnson

Played pivotal role in responding to radiological threats caused by the 2022 Russian invasion of Ukraine as well as securing the relocation of Department of Energy partners in Afghanistan following the Taliban takeover in August 2021.

Dr. John Palmieri, Richard McKeon, James Wright, and the 988 and Behavioral Health Crisis Coordinating Office

Established a new 988 national three-digit suicide prevention and drug crisis telephone, text and chat lifeline service, helping greater numbers of people receive assistance than an older 10-digit phone line, while providing quicker, more professional support.

Paul A. Volcker Career Achievement

Dave Clark

Managed 94 Navy aviation crash investigations worldwide over two decades that uncovered safety problems and led to important aircraft modifications that have saved countless lives.

Blane Workie, Robert Gorman, Jessica Ilich and the Aviation Consumer Protection Team

Led an aggressive campaign to ensure airlines refund travelers for canceled or significantly delayed flights and require coverage of other related costs when circumstances are within the airline’s control, and held airlines accountable with a record $8.35 million in fines and more than $1 billion in passenger refunds.

Mark V. Ingram

Developed and launched the main innovation arm of the U.S. Air Force, improving pilot safety, saving taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars and strengthening our national defense.

Paul A. Volcker Career Achievement

Ralph Roe Jr.

Played an instrumental role during a four-decade NASA career in dramatically reshaping the agency’s safety culture to help ensure the successful exploration of the universe.

Science, Technology and Environment

J. Vincent Edwards 

Developed innovative and highly effective new cotton-based medical gauze and dressings for trauma and chronic wound patients that are now in use by hospitals and first responders.

Rear Adm. Nancy Hann

Instituted policies to dramatically curb sexual harassment, assault and bullying among employees aboard NOAA’s marine fleet and aircraft, creating a safer workplace and changing the organization’s culture.

Science, Technology and Environment

Cheryl T. Seager

Initiated creative and extraordinarily successful techniques to identify and clamp down on violators of air, hazardous waste and water pollution laws, particularly in communities at risk.

Paul A. Volcker Career Achievement

Eric J. “Rocky” Feuer

Built a sophisticated system using statistical analysis to better understand and interpret national cancer trends, leading to significant prevention, screening and treatment options that have saved countless lives.