Jerry Ma

Developed new technology tools for Patent and Trademark Office personnel and the public, and led efforts to establish the agency’s approach toward the use of artificial intelligence for inventions seeking patents.

Paul A. Volcker Career Achievement

Janet Woodcock

Transformed the Food and Drug Administration’s drug review process to expand access to generic medicines and promising medications to treat severe, life-threatening diseases.

Marc Levitan, Long Phan and the Tornado Wind Loads Team

Created the world’s first tornado-resistant building codes, conducting groundbreaking research that will save lives and protect critical facilities like schools, hospitals and emergency centers from extensive property damage.

Safety, Security and International Affairs

Tony Mento, Camille Otto, Hari Kalla 

Provided critical coordination as well as technical expertise that led to the reopening of a major interstate highway in Philadelphia less than two weeks after a fiery gasoline tanker crash destroyed a bridge over an exit ramp.

Sammie Tafoya 

Led the drafting of a visa revocation policy for Haitians involved in criminal activity and human rights abuses while contributing to sanctions packages and a U.N. resolution that impose penalties against those undermining peace and stability in the Caribbean nation.

Andrea Fletcher

Led teams at the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services to create online services that help patients dispute unexpected medical bills and hospitals make their prices transparent to the public.

Elizabeth (Biza) Repko

Led critical research projects that exposed gaps in vehicle safety features, and uncovered shortcomings in the reliability of the U.S. rail and highway systems.

Paul A. Volcker Career Achievement

Francine E. Alkisswani, Ph.D.

Advocated for and implemented a federal program to promote historically Black colleges and universities as innovation hubs that bridge the digital divide for underserved communities.

Science, Technology and Environment

Neil Cheatwood, Stephen Hughes

Envisioned and led the development of a new inflatable heat shield for planetary entry, descent and landing that will enable spacecraft to deliver bigger payloads to distant planets, including during a future human mission to Mars.

Science, Technology and Environment

Yan Ping (Judy) Chen, Jay D. Evans

Revolutionized bee disease diagnosis and treatment, introducing cutting-edge technologies to detect virus pathogens and developing novel medicines to enhance bee health and prevent colony collapse.

Paul A. Volcker Career Achievement

Christopher Mark 

Devoted a lengthy federal career to preventing fatalities from roof falls and other underground mining disasters, saving countless lives.

Paul A. Volcker Career Achievement

Robert J. McGaughey

Developed open-source software that converts voluminous aerial data into detailed information that enables better management of forestlands.

Kaitlin Sahni, Kate Naseef, Nhan Nguyen and the Chemical Prosecutions Team

Investigated and prosecuted the first case against individuals supplying precursor chemicals to a Mexican drug cartel, disrupting methamphetamine and fentanyl production in Mexico and establishing a framework to build similar cases in the future.

Amira Choueiki Boland

Pioneered policies to improve government services and the customer experience in areas ranging from newborn care and disaster assistance to renewing passports online.

Science, Technology and Environment

Tara McHugh

Partnered with innovators to develop novel healthy processed food products that have reduced food waste and created jobs in high-unemployment areas, and now leads more than 1,400 employees in eight Western states.

Paul A. Volcker Career Achievement

Thaddeus A. Ryba Jr.

Played a critical diplomatic and scientific role in international negotiations that led to the elimination of chemical weapons in Syria and Libya, contributed to the final destruction of the U.S. chemical weapons stockpile and enabled the banning of deadly nerve agents.

Safety, Security and International Affairs

Trevor McAleenan, Michael Lane

Spearheaded a cutting-edge investigation that led to the seizure and forfeiture of more than $3 billion worth of bitcoin, one of the largest financial seizures in the history of the U.S. government.

Kyle Gardiner

Played a leading role in streamlining burdensome government forms, shifting how federal agencies collect information and ensuring deserving recipients receive public benefits.

Paul A. Volcker Career Achievement

Matthew S. Borman

Led pivotal efforts to impose export controls on U.S. adversaries to deny them access to critical American technology that could be used for military purposes.

Mike Schmidt and the CHIPS Program Team

Implemented a multibillion-dollar program to supercharge the U.S. semiconductor industry that will increase domestic production of chips that are vital to our everyday life and strengthen American manufacturing and national security.