2002 Safety, Security and International Affairs

Arnold E. Guevara

Ensured the safety of Americans by managing the security of the nation’s weapons laboratories.

Arnold E. Guevara’s expertise, combined with lauded leadership capabilities, has ensured a cohesive response to one of the government’s most urgent homeland security challenges: maintaining the security of the nation’s weapons laboratories.

Guevara, Deputy Director of the Office of Cyber Security and Special Reviews for the Department of Energy, played a pivotal role in establishing a robust cyber-security independent oversight function in the wake of significant, high profile problems at the Department’s National Weapons Laboratories. This included establishing two state-of-the-art cyber-security laboratories staffed with national experts that conduct continuous performance testing of departmental site networks from across the internet. He also pioneered the Office of Independent Oversight’s unique approach to conducting cyber-security assessments that combines extensive network performance testing with a programmatic assessment of essential underlying management processes.

Of greatest benefit, Guevara’s assessment approach ensures an extraordinary level of accuracy so that action can be taken to address root causes of cyber-security weaknesses. As a result, network protection at the National Weapons Laboratories has been significantly enhanced.

Most recently, Guevara took a leadership role in evaluating the effectiveness of cyber-security measures associated with the United States’ critical energy infrastructure. He helped improve the Office of Independent Oversight’s process in evaluating the safety of a private sector petroleum pipeline company.

The broad range and sensitive nature of his numerous assignments are testimony to Guevara’s exceptional aptitude and commitment to service. His combination of attributes is confirmed by his employees who praise his “rare combination of affability, professionalism, exceptional capability and modesty.”