Lisa M. Jones

Helped low-income communities gain access to investment capital to fund health-care centers, charter schools, day-care centers, housing, small business development and commercial real estate projects.

Joseph J. Mueller

Prevented the collapse of a major dam that threatened the lives and property of thousands of residents and business owners downstream, and could have disrupted New York City’s water supply.

Thomas O’Toole

Created two nationwide programs to help high-risk, high-need homeless veterans receive the comprehensive medical care, housing assistance and social services they need to get off the street and reclaim their lives.

Kim Nazi and the Blue Button Initiative Team

Established a simple process that allows veterans and beneficiaries in the VA, Medicare and DOD health systems to download their personal health information, empowering them to take charge of managing their own care.

Julie Rushin

Developed a way for prospective college students and their parents to import tax data onto their online federal loan applications, streamlining a time-consuming and error-prone process.

John P. Wagner

Implemented facial recognition systems that simplify and fortify airport security, helping travelers reach their destinations faster while stopping suspected terrorists and others attempting to enter and leave the U.S. using false documents

Constantine P. Sarkos

Protected commercial air travelers by leading major fire safety improvements that have increased passenger survivability during blazes occurring in-flight and after crash landings.

Lucile Jones

Spurred communities and states to prepare for catastrophic earthquakes by applying her groundbreaking research and taking preventive measures to protect citizens and critical infrastructure.

Günter Waibel, Adam Metallo and Vincent Rossi

Made iconic treasures from the Smithsonian’s vast collection accessible to students, teachers, historians and curious visitors everywhere through the use of computerized 3-D imaging and printing technologies.

Douglas James Norton

Engaged citizens, scientists and state agencies in protecting their local streams, lakes and rivers by providing access to water quality data and assessment tools via the web.

Marcia Crosse

Directed congressional attention to the Food and Drug Administration’s increased global role in the regulation of drugs and medical devices leading to reforms to better protect public health.

Michael Byrne

Put detailed data about our nation’s broadband availability and communications systems in the hands of citizens and policymakers through the use of interactive online maps and other visualizations.

James D. Green

Collaborated with the ambulance manufacturing industry and multiple federal agencies to create ambulance crash standards to help reduce injuries and fatalities among EMS workers and patients.

Terence V. Milholland

Overhauled IRS’ information technology and tax processing systems, leading to quicker refunds and notices to taxpayers, reduced fraud and better internal management.

Martha Dorris

Delivered timely information on federal programs and services and engaged citizens with our government through the use of web portals, social media, crowdsourcing tools and a powerful search engine.

Dave Broomell

Developed a number of technology innovations that have improved Social Security’s customer service and employee efficiency.

Daniel Madrzykowski

Dramatically improved firefighting practices by conducting and sharing sophisticated research that has saved firefighters’ lives and protected property across the nation.

Livia Marques

Led a nationwide initiative that resulted in the creation of more than 1,600 community-based “People’s Gardens” and the donation of 1.3 million pounds of produce to the needy.

Heidi King and James Battles

Created and implemented a health-care professional team training program that has become the gold standard for eliminating thousands of preventable patient deaths each year due to medical errors.

Lance Rodewald

Enhanced vaccine programs to protect greater numbers of children against life-threatening diseases by adding new vaccines, modernizing distribution, and reducing racial, ethnic and economic disparities.

Michael A. McBride

Established partnerships with more than 4,000 organizations that have annually enlisted nearly 90,000 volunteers to prepare millions of federal tax returns for disadvantaged filers.

Diane K. Braunstein

Created a fast-track system for terminally and seriously ill Americans to receive approval for Social Security disability benefits in days or weeks instead of months or years.

Robert Benzon

Served as Investigator in Charge of the “Miracle on the Hudson” and other high-profile airplane crash investigations, advancing aviation safety for millions of travelers worldwide.

Deborah Autor

Through aggressive enforcement actions, incentives and multi-faceted education campaigns, is stopping the distribution of hundreds of unapproved prescription drugs.

Shane Kelley and Eva Ristow

Improved the delivery of Social Security benefits to citizens living in impoverished and remote locations through an innovative two-way video service.

Gail Lovelace

Led the civil service’s efforts to ensure a smooth and peaceful presidential transition from the Bush to the Obama administration.

Tim Evans

Led the improvement of the Social Security Administration’s benefits and information websites, which rank higher in customer satisfaction ratings than Amazon, Google and Yahoo.

Michael German

Created partnerships to reduce homelessness with more than 850 state and local leaders, which have contributed to a 30 percent reduction in long-term homelessness.

Rajiv Jain

Developed and led an initiative that reduced a type of life-threatening, hospital-acquired infections by 60 percent and has been replicated at all 153 VA hospitals and other hospitals across America and parts of the world.

David J. Lipman

Led the development of the groundbreaking PubMed Central database which enhances biomedical research in a way that is accelerating scientific discovery and increasing public knowledge.

David Williams

Revamped outreach efforts for the Earned Income Tax Credit, helping hundreds of thousands of Americans receive vital benefits, and oversaw the Telephone Excise Tax Refund–the largest one-time tax refund in history.

Dinah F. B. Cohen

Leads the world’s largest assistive technology program, filling more than 60,000 accommodation requests for people with disabilities, including 2,400 accommodations for wounded service members.

Robin E. Ware

Led the quick and full recovery of mail service to the region devastated by Hurricane Katrina.

Raymond Brammer, Jr.

Led effort to get Social Security benefits to Hurricane Katrina victims and restore SSA operations in Louisiana.

Betsy Kinter

Set up customer call centers that helped 948,000 Hurricane Katrina victims receive federal relief.

Terence Lutes

Led the development of the popular e-File system that has allowed millions of Americans to get their tax refunds in as few as 10 days, while also cutting processing costs for government by as much as 90 percent.

Dennis Wagner and the Leadership Team

Developed and conducted an initiative that has generated rapid increases in organ donation in the U.S., already saving or enhancing 1,400 additional lives in 2004.

Margaret Washnitzer

Pioneered new performance-focused management principles that have revolutionized the way that we deliver aid to social service providers and low-income families.

Ray McKinney and the Team

Helped grow TSA into an organization responsible for aviation security with more than 60,000 people, the largest mobilization of a new agency since World War II.

Marcella Banks

Bridged the digital divide for Native American communities and the military during her 45-year federal career.

Thomas Cacciarelli

Gave up a successful job at one of the most prestigious liver transplant hospitals in the world to ensure that veterans in need of organ donors would receive swift and affordable care.

Kevin Carr

Revolutionized American manufacturing with comprehensive technical, business and consulting services.

Joseph A. Foster

Coordinated the federal legal response to contain outbreak of monkeypox, and also helped manage the federal legal response to SARS and West Nile Virus occurrences.